Maintenance and repair improvement

1. Repair tools and technologies analysis

We check and examine knowledge and tools of the employees responsible for equipment repair.

The examination results in a recommendations report containing information on ways of using mounting-dismounting tools for each kind of equipment and on various trainings for maintenance employees.

2. Lubrication ways analysis

We check and examine knowledge and tools of the employees responsible for bearings lubrication as well as we study the way grease products are stored.

While examination we trace the entire way lubrication did, from barrel to bearing unit, analyzing equipment lubrication charts.

Based on the results, we provide a recommendations report on buying special tools for lubrication, with ideas on redesign of lubrication storage places accompanied by oil filling stations. We also give suggestions on improving equipment lubrication charts and developing projects on implementation of single-way lubricators and multiple lubrication systems.

Technical monitoring and maintenance let our clients decrease expenses for rotary equipment operation improving its reliability, at the same time it expands bearings’ service life. As a result of such cooperation our clients reduce their repair and downtime costs by 200-300%.


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